How you can help:

The generosity of alumni, parents and friends allows the Department of Computer Science to improve its impact, contribution, and ranking.  In order to provide a first-class education to our students, recruit and retain outstanding students, faculty and staff, maintain state-of-the-art research facilities and enable high risk, high payoff research we ask you to consider giving to our efforts.


What you can support:

  • Current Department Activities and Programs
    • When you support the department’s overall activities and programs you are helping us offer faculty fellowships, upgrade facilities and labs, and provide research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students.
    • Specify "Computer Science” – Fund Number 881337.


  • Diversity
    • The department remains committed to recruitment and retention activities aimed at increasing the diversity of its students and faculty. 
    • Specify the "Barbara G. Ryder Fund for Excellence in Computer Science" - Fund Number 861127.


  • Scholarships
    • The department is proud to offer scholarships to our computer science students.  Scholarships help students reach their academic goals and stay on track toward graduation. 
    • Specify the "CS Investment in Excellence Endowment" – Fund Number 860199.


How you can give:

We ask you to specify the Department of Computer Science as the recipient of your gift. To ensure this happens please follow the steps below:

1.  Vist the online gift form

2.  Select "College of Engineering" from the drop down menu

3.  Select "Computer Science Department Annual Fund" in the section titled "Select an Area" or

4.  Select "Other" in the section titled "Select an Area" to give money to an area(s) referenced above.   Enter the fund name and number referenced in the section above. 


Many employers will match donations from employees. To see if your employer will match your donation, please see the Matching Gifts page.


Please contact us if you would like to explore other ways in which you can support the department.