CS Undergraduate Course Survey

Force/add Information:

Summer 2, 2017 Force/add page

Survey for CS Undergraduate Courses:

Who should submit a CS Course Survey Request:

  • If you try to request a CS course that you think you have the prerequisite for but HokieSPA will not allow you to request due to a prerequisite violation, you should submit a request.

Who should not submit a CS Survey Request (Changes from previous surveys):

  • If you receive a major or minor restriction on a course you would like to take, you will need to try to add the course again after 1) the course restrictions change (May 1) during drop/add to include additional majors and the CS minor; 2) your major or minor has been changed or added after the next Major Application period (May 1 through May 14); or 3) plan to take the course in a future semester. 
  • After drop/add opens and there's a course you want to add but it is full, you'll need to keep an eye on drop/add to see if you can get a seat.  

Surveys that are currently open:

Summer 1 2017 Course Survey

Summer 2 2017 Course Survey

Fall 2017 Course Survey

All CS survey submissions will receive an e-mail response, directed to the student's VT e-mail address.

Submitting a response to this survey does not guarantee you a seat in any CS course.

Survey requests cannot be added to a student's course request.