CS Undergraduate Course Survey

New CS Force-Add Policy

There will be no force adds offered by attending the first week of class--that process is hereby discontinued.

A force add may ONLY be requested via this course survey.

CS force-add requests will only be accepted from students who:

  • are unable to request CS courses (or Math 2534) during the Course Request period due to a prerequisite or a class restriction;  
  • must repeat a CS course failed in the most recent semester;
  • requested a required CS course during course request, but did not get it and all sections are now full.

If you did not submit a Course Request, you are not eligible to submit the CS force-add survey.  You will not be forced-added to a course if you received it at registration and dropped it later.

Incomplete requests will be deleted with no notification to the student.

Update 11/9/17: CS 3704 (Intermediate Software Design), CS 3714 (iOS and Android), 3724 (HCI), and 3754 (Cloud Software Dev) are restricted to CS majors only until after the Spring 2018 schedule runs.  Any additional majors or minors added to the list of restrictions will be added after drop/add opens November 25.

The force-add survey for undergraduate courses will open no later than the first day of course request (Tuesday, October 17) and will close at 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before the first day of classes (Friday, January 12).  No force-add requests will be accepted after this date!  All decisions will be made by the second day of classes and students notified accordingly.

On the Friday before classes begin, CS will make any remaining seats available through drop/add.  At this point, if the timetable is showing a course as full, then it is full to capacity and we cannot and will not add additional students.  Please be aware that class capacity does not always equal room capacity.  There are many factors that decide capacity; even if there are empty seats, we cannot add additional students. 

Questions? Send an e-mail to the CS Undergrad Services Office.