Advising Topics for CS Majors - Spring 2017

Academic Eligibility

Academic Warning

If your most recent semester GPA was below 2.0 but your overall GPA is above 2.0, you will need to submit the Academic Warning Assessment. 

"C" or Better Prerequisite/corequisite Policy

  • Students are not allowed to take a course and its prerequisite simultaneously.
  • A grade of "I" does not meet prerequisite requirements.

College of Engineering

The Computer Science Department is in the College of Engineering.

Cooperative Education

  • Career Services
  • CS Co-op Advisors - Ms. Rupert and Mr. Farris, 114 McBryde

Course Withdrawal Policy Please note that there has been an update to this policy as well as the deadline for submitting the course withdrawal form.

DARS (degree audit report)

Dates and Deadlines

Please be aware that the College of Engineering strictly enforces deadlines.

Exam Change Request Form

Foreign Language

Graduation Requirements

Independent Study/Undergraduate Research



  • Students cannot take more than 16 hours while on academic probation. This is enforced by the College of Engineering.
  • You will receive a letter instructing you to complete a Probation Packet

Progress toward the Computer Science degree

Technical Electives for Computer Science Majors

30 Hours Non-Technical Electives

Transfer credits

Transfer out of Computer Science

(Transfer forms signed by Ms. Rupert or Mr. Farris in 114 McBryde)