The Pervasiveness of Software Engineering

CS Colloquium and CS 5944 Spring 2009 Seminar Series

Speaker: James D. Arthur, Virginia Tech
When: Friday, April 10, 2009
Time: 11:15am-12:15pm
Where: Torgersen 2150

The goal of software engineering is to produce a quality product, on time, and within budget. Over the years, many process models, activities and tools have been proposed and developed to support the software engineering effort. This presentation provides an introduction of several related research areas that focus on models and activities intended to advance the objectives of software engineering. The first research component addresses Software Quality Assessment (SQA), and the Objectives, Principles, Attributes Framework that resulted from that research effort. Observations stemming from our SQA work then leads us to the second research component, Verification & Validation (V&V), and in particular, the importance of Independent V&V. In a similar manner, results from our (I)V&V research has led us to explore the Requirements Engineering arena, and to investigate better ways to support requirements generation. This work, too, is outlined. Finally, the last two components of this presentation will focus on SE research as it relates to Agile Software Development and Software Security.