Seminar Series - Computer Science Education Research at Aalto University, Finland

Speaker: Villie Karavitra, Aalto University
Date: Friday, October 19, 2012
Time: 11:15am-12:30pm
Location: 2150 Torgersen

Abstract: In this talk I will present the research done at the Learning+Technology research group at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in Aalto University, Finland. I'll start the talk with a brief overview of the Finnish educational system and Aalto University. I will then present a selection of the educational technology systems our group has developed, how they have been used in class, and what results we have obtained. The systems range from general educational systems used on most of our department's courses to highly specific systems used on a small part of a single course. The underlying theme of all them is to improve student learning through the use of interactive visualizations and automated assessment. I will end the presentation with examples of my own current research interest: mobile learning in computer science.

Ville Karavirta is a postdoctoral researcher in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Aalto University. His research interests focus on automatic assessment and online teaching/learning of programming skills. His current research project focuses on interactive learning materials for mobile devices. He got his PhD degree from Helsinki University of Technology in 2009. He is also co-founder of a Finnish start-up company, By The Mark, that "provides services that help people learn, teach, and assess computer programming skills."