The Visual Learning Engine

Who: Dr. K.R. Subramanian, UNC Charlotte
Where: Torgersen 3100
When: Friday, November 21, 11:15 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.

In this talk, I will present the design and development of the Visual  Learning Engine, a tool that can form the basis for interactive development of visually rich teaching and learning  modules across multiple disciplines. The engine has three key features that makes it powerful, easy to use and cross-disciplinary, (1) it is based on a finite state machine model, that supports concepts presented in any defined sequence, (2) instructional modules are designed and generated interactively using graphical interface widgets, facilitating non-programmers to use the system, and (3) ability to simultaneously present concepts and their visual representation allowing for a more intuitive and exploratory learning experience. I will demonstrate a prototype of the learning engine by testing it on examples from
Computer Science.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. K.R. Subramanian is currently an associate professor in the  Department of Computer Science at UNC Charlotte. He obtained his MS and PhD degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and completed a post-doc at AT&T Bell Laboraties. He joined the faculty of Computer Science at UNC Charlotte in 1993. His research interests include
computer graphics, data and information visualization, biomedical image processing and analysis.