IDT Enhances Recruiting Effort with New Robot

Publish Date: 02/27/2014

Article by: Thom Garett

On Monday, February 17, 2014, two representatives from Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) travelled to Blacksburg, Virginia to recruit prospective employees at the Virginia Tech career fair. They were seeking students interested in careers in automated software testing. But on this trip, they were not alone. Students who visited IDT’s booth were greeted by a new recruiter of sorts: R2D1, IDT’s new robot.

IDT recently purchased R2D1 from Double Robotics of Sunnyvale, California.  R2D1 is a mobile, remotely controlled robot equipped with an iPad. It enables teleconferencing and remote conversations to take place anywhere. Using R2D1, IDT recruiters now have the opportunity to introduce potential recruits to IDT engineers who are back in the office creating new automated software testing solutions. Whenever possible, the engineers featured on the robot will be alumni of the school IDT is visiting.

“We see this as a very creative way for IDT engineers to participate in recruiting events” said Thom Garrett of IDT. “We are always looking for new, innovative ideas and thought this would be a unique way to give potential hires a first-hand glimpse of IDT’s culture, work and people. The students who met our engineers by means of R2D1 were definitely intrigued.”

IDT develops leading-edge software testing solutions for large, complex systems. Using the company’s Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT) technology, IDT builds products that test, analyze and certify mission-critical systems. The company is seeking highly qualified engineering and computer science students interested in our technology. Please contact us to learn more about IDT’s careers in software testing.

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Start Date: 09/01/2011
End Date: 08/31/2014

Grant Institution: National Science Foundation

Amount: $16,000

People associated with this grant:

Kirk Cameron

GEPR-Ecolutionary Gain and Loss of Function in Parasitic Plants

Start Date: 08/01/2013
End Date: 07/31/2016

Grant Institution: National Science Foundation

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