Visualizing real-time radio spectrum access with CORNET3D

Sharakhov, N., V. Marojevic, F. Romano, N. Polys, and C. Dietrich, "Visualizing real-time radio spectrum access with CORNET3D", Web3D '14 Proceedings of the Nineteenth International ACM Conference on 3D Web Technologies , Vancouver, BC, ACM SIGGRAPH, 2014.

Exploring head-up augmented reality interfaces for crash warning systems

Kim, H., X. Wu, J. L. Gabbard, and N. F. Polys, "Exploring head-up augmented reality interfaces for crash warning systems", 5th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (AutomotiveUI '13): ACM, 2013.

CS@VT celebrates Spring 2014 Commencement

Publish Date: 06/24/2014

On Saturday, May 17, the Virginia Tech College of Engineering conferred degrees on the class of 2014, including approximately 115 Computer Science undergraduate students.  Graduate degrees were conferred at the Graduate Commencement on Friday, May 16.  On Saturday morning, Computer Science graduates, their guests and families, enjoyed a reception in Owens Banquet Hall. 

Several students were recognized for outstanding achievements and contributions, including Brandon Amos, Adam Binford, and Tianyu Geng for undergraduate academic achievement, Antuan Byalik and Ariel Cohen for service to the department, and Ethan Gaebel and Edward Mitchell as Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistants.   Brandon Amos as awarded the David Heilman Memorial Award for Undergraduate Research, and Anthony Ardura was awarded the Outstanding CS Senior. 

Three graduate students were also recognized: Lokendra Panwar as the outstanding master’s student,  Andrey Esakia  for outstanding teaching, and Christopher Poirel as the outstanding doctoral student.  David Butenhoff was awarded the George Gorsline Memorial Scholarship Award, given each year to a rising senior who has made the most significant rebound from his freshman year. 

Photos of Spring 2014 Commencement Reception

CS@VT Celebrates Faculty, Staff, and Student Achievements at Spring Banquet

Publish Date: 05/30/2014

On Friday, April 25, the second annual CS Spring Awards Banquet was held to recognize faculty, staff, and student achievements from the 2013/2014 academic year.  In addition to faculty, staff, and student award winners, CSRC members Capital One, Eastman, Fidelity, IBM, Intel, NetApp, Qualcomm, Solers, and Vanguard sent representatives to the two days of events.

Pictures from our Spring Awards Banquet

Congratulations to all the award winners!

Congratulations to Chris North on his COE Dean's Award for Research Excellence

Publish Date: 05/09/2014

Congratulations to Dr. Chris North on his COE Dean's Award for Research Excellence -- an award attesting to an "extraordinary level of achievement in research" over the past 2 years. This award is an honor for both you and for the department! It is also wonderful recognition of the excellent visualization work in the Discovery Analytics Center.

Congratulations to Wenjing Lou on becoming a COE Faculty Fellow

Publish Date: 05/09/2014

Congratulations to Dr. Wenjing Lou who became a COE Faculty Fellow at the College awards ceremony on May 7, 2014. This award comes with $5,000 stipends per year for 3 years to be used for discretionary spending.  The award is given "for exceptional merit in research, teaching and/or service".  The award is a great acknowledgement of faculty achievement!  

CS grads Michael Stewart, Nathan Self, Siroberto Scerbo and Chris Frisina featured in the Roanoke Times

Publish Date: 05/09/2014

Excerpts By Jacob Demmitt:

Radious is in the early stages of development on a “co-listening” application that would let users listen to music with friends. The Radious team is made up of four computer science graduate students from Virginia Tech: Michael Stewart, Nathan Self, Siroberto Scerbo and Chris Frisina. “We’re just trying to take off the blinders that are created by these individual [mobile] devices,” co-founder Michael Stewart said. “It doesn’t have to be this way that we can only do things [like listen to music] by ourselves. We’re trying to turn that on its head a little bit and give the opportunity for when we want to re-engage with the people that we might want to share those experiences with.”

Because they don’t have any intellectual property protection right now, the team didn’t want to share the specifics of their idea. All they would say is that, in a way, they hope to take users back to the days of boom boxes when everyone could share musical experiences together.

The startup is based in NuSpark, an office donated by the Virginia Tech Foundation to act as a launch pad for the area’s youngest companies. About eight startups are now based there, and behind each is a team of locals who have decided to forgo typical 9-to-5 careers.

See the May 4th Roanoke Times article.

VTHacks event attracts students from far and wide

Publish Date: 05/07/2014

Over 400 participants brought their energy and enthusiasm to Cassell Coliseum for the first large hackathon held at Virginia Tech.  The April 18-20 VTHacks event brought students from as far away as Texas, Florida, and Connecticut to work on innovative projects.  Approximately 240 Virginia Tech students participated.  Significant financial support from TechPad, SalesForce, and numerous other companies made this exciting event possible, according to VTHacks leaders Ben Johnston and Joella Fabe.  The group is looking forward to planning another hackathon next year, as well as encouraging VT students to participate in hackathons held at other universities.