Graduate Seminar: Supporting Growing Computer Science Courses with Data-driven Feedback and Interactive Teaching

Event Date: 
Wed, 2017-02-08 15:30 - 16:45

Location: 310 Kelly Hall

Speaker: Kelly Rivers, Carnegie Mellon University


Growing interest in computation as a field of study has caused rapidly increasing enrollment in computer
science programs across the country. This has led to great opportunity, as CS programs now have access to
many students from varying backgrounds. However, it has also resulted in very large class sizes, which
makes it difficult to provide students with personalized instruction that can help them succeed. In this
talk I’ll describe the research I’ve done on data-driven methods for automatically generating personalized
feedback for programming problems and how this work can be integrated into instruction to support student
learning at large scale. I’ll also discuss future directions for curricular improvement and innovation
which combine teacher knowledge with supplementary technology to provide the best possible learning
experience for students.