Graduate Seminar: Rich Collaboration Systems: Improving Online Collaboration with Multi-modal Interactions.

Event Date: 
Thu, 2017-02-09 09:30 - 10:45

Location: McBryde 655

Speaker:  Dongwook Yoon, Cornell University

My research vision is to bring the richness of human-to-human interaction into online collaboration tools. Face-to-face interaction, as compared to meeting in a virtual way, offers unmatched expressivity for conveying complex ideas and nuanced emotions (e.g., emotions embedded in voice inflection or the unspoken meaning of a pointed finger). To enhance expressivity of virtual collaboration tools, several studies have leveraged multi-modal user inputs, i.e., interactions through multiple communication channels (e.g., speech, writing, and gesture), but the key challenge is that people using the systems have difficulty creating, managing, and sharing the resulting multi- media content (e.g., editing a recorded voice comment is not as easy as editing text). To address such problems, my approach establishes a research framework for creating rich collaboration systems by: (1) translating natural human interactions into combinations of intuitive multi-modal user input, (2) designing fluid interfaces for lightweight and high performance interactions by integrating the interface into the flow of users’ physical and cognitive operations, and (3) building high-fidelity systems for deployment in real world contexts, especially classrooms, where we can compare expected outcomes with what actually happens on the ground.