Cyberarts and Visualization

Connecting animation, graphics, and multimedia with those developing the expressive and artistic aspects of our culture.

3D Interaction Group

Contact: Doug Bowman

3DI stands for "three-dimensional interaction". Our research spans 3D user interfaces, interaction techniques, and applications, especially in the area of Virtual Environments (VE). Interaction in three dimensions is not well-understood, but is crucial to highly interactive VE applications like immersive education, scientific visualization, and immersive design. The mission of our lab is to perform both basic and applied research in three-dimensional (3D) interaction and VE technology, and to develop applications of VEs in a wide variety of domains.

Algorithm Visualization Research Group

Contact: Cliff Shaffer

The Algorithm Visualization Research Group seeks to understand all aspects of algorithm visualization as it applies to supporting the understanding of algorithms for teaching and research. Primary activities include support for an emerging community of users and developers of Algorithm Visualizations (AVs) through the AlgoViz Wiki (; development of exemplary AVs and the online eTextbook system OpenDSA (, and pedagogical research aimed at a deep understanding of how to make Algorithm Visualization successful in teaching and learning.

Animation and Gaming Research Lab

Contact: Yong Cao

Design of Interactive Systems Studio

Contact: Steve Harrison

Distributed Virtual Environments Laboratory

Contact: Denis Gracanin

Gigapixel Display Laboratory

Contact: Chris North

 The GigaPixel Display Laboratory is hosted by Virginia Tech's Department of Computer Science and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI).  This NSF-funded facility contains reconfigurable ultra-high resolution displays, totaling approximately 200 million pixels, one of the highest resolutions in the world.

Laboratory for Information Visualization and Evaluation

Contact: Chris North

 The LIVE lab studies the design, development, and evaluation of information visualizations.  Information visualizations are interactive visual representation of abstract data that enable people to effectively explore and understand large quantities of complex information.

Visual Computing Lab

Contact: Nicholas Polys