Dr. Kirk Cameron selected as an organizer for the 2014 IAFOE Symposium

Publish Date: 02/04/2014

Dr. Kirk Cameron has been selected as an organizer for the 2014 Indo-American Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. Kirk was asked to chair  and organize a session on Green Approaches to Communication with an Indian computer scientist colleague. (Note: Kirk is a column editor on green computing for IEEE Computer.) Being an organizer for this Symposium is an honor, as is being asked to attend.

The Indo-U.S. Frontiers of Engineering (IAFOE) program aims to bring together outstanding, early-career Indian and American engineers from industry, universities, and other research institutions to introduce their areas of engineering research and technical work, thereby facilitating an interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge and methodology that could eventually lead to collaborative networks of engineers from the two countries.

The 2014 Indo-American Frontiers of Engineering will be held May 19-21, at the Infosys Center in Mysore, India. About 60 outstanding engineers under the age of 45 will meet for an intensive 2-1/2 day symposium to discuss cutting-edge developments in four areas: Biomaterials, Water Resource Management in the Face of Climate Change, Green Approaches to Communications, and Engineering in the Context of Big Data. The event facilitates international and cross-disciplinary research collaboration, promotes the transfer of new techniques and approaches across disparate engineering fields, and encourages the creation of a transatlantic network of world-class engineers