Undergraduate Huanqing Liu selected for NCUR and ACC Meeting of the Minds

Publish Date: 03/26/2013

Second year computer science student Huanqing "Quinn" Liu was selected to present his research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and at the ACC's Meeting of the Minds (MOM).  Liu is mentored by Dr. Anthony Cate, assistant professor of psychology at Virginia Tech. Read more about Liu's research:

Hierarchical Temporal Memory Simulation Using OOD and MVC (presented at NCUR and MOM)

From the NCUR website: "Currently, the best neural networks have only been successfully applied to specific problems and are fundamentally not how a real brain creates intelligence. In order to further the machine learning field in a more biological direction to allow success for any given input data, I have programmed hierarchical time dependent memory models that are biologically accurate to the human neocortex. To visualize the activity of cells within a lobe of the brain I simulated the known biological behaviors of synapses, axons, cells, columns, and lobes known to neuroscience using object oriented design and graphical user interfaces techniques known to computer science. This interdisciplinary research has produced a new programming library that is based on neuroscience physiology and computer computational efficiency to better understand the brain through modeling. When fully implemented the result will be a new fundamental technology that will be the epitome of time based inference. This will allow understanding of how neurons interact through common learning algorithms by observing small scale brain simulation experiments with object recognition and object prediction. By doing so more efficient and effective brain simulation algorithms that are capable of spatial in-variance and multiple time step predictions can be developed. Furthermore, as the model grows to incorporate biologically accurate feedback algorithms, a detailed theory of consciousness can be added to our understanding of neuroscience."

Liu was featured in a VT News Article about students selected for the ACC's Meeting of the Minds.  You can also read more about his research and see his artwork on his own homepage.