Keep in touch: channel, expectation and experience

TitleKeep in touch: channel, expectation and experience
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsWang, R., F. Quek, D. Tatar, and K. S. Teh
Conference NameCHI 2012
Date PublishedMay, 2012
Conference LocationAustinn, TX

 This paper investigates whether and how digitally mediated social touch (remote touch) may influence the sense of connectedness toward a speaker and the emotional experience of what is being communicated. We employ an 'augmented' storytelling methodology where we manipulate the modality of an 'emotive' channel that accompanies the speech, and the contextual expectation of the listener. Comparing a remote upper-arm touch against a similarly timed flashing light, we explore the importance of the touch modality in affect conveyance. Our second manipulation involves two cover stories where the listener is told that the touch or flashing light is triggered either by the storyteller expressively squeezing a touch input device while speaking, or by measured 'high points' in the mental state of the storyteller. Our results show that the story accompanied by communicative touch resulted in a significant increase in the sense of connectedness with the storyteller over the speech-only condition, and a trend toward greater affective conveyance.