AWC and MAD awarded NCWIT Student Group Seed Grant

Publish Date: 04/05/2012

  Ariel Cohen, with the Association for Women in Computing, and Avneet Singh, with the Mobile Application Development group, have been awarded a Seed Grant from NCWIT and Symantec to start a mentoring program for underclassmen.

According to the organizers, "The mentoring program is designed to give CS majors of all ages and classes both out of class programming/research experience and an environment where they can ask questions comfortably.  We are going to team up either an upperclassman and a grad student or two upperclassmen with a group of two or three mentees, and together as a group they will work on a programming or research project throughout the academic year.  Mentoring groups will be free to meet up on their own time, and all of the groups will meet together once a month to present how far they have gotten in their projects and to socialize.  We are hoping that this program will boost the resumes of everyone involved and provide the student mentoring that will help underclassmen become more comfortable in the major."