Computer Science group celebrates Chinese New Year with drumming

Publish Date: 02/22/2012

Under the direction of Dr. Francis Quek, a group of computer science students participated in an NSF funded drummer-game. 

The group was the opening performance for the Lunar New Year celebrations hosted by the Association of Chinese Scholars (ACSS).  Dr. Quek describes the performance and the project: "We were the opening item, and I understand we were a smash hit. The performance was put up by the Chinese Performing Arts Group (CPAG) of which I am faculty advisor, and Sharon Chu is current student president. We combined elements from my Physical Computing in CS (CS 6204) class to produce a light show that illuminated a dragon (year of the dragon) that breathed fire in clouds amidst lightning and thunder. This class is supported by another grant from NSF with which we built the Rapid Prototyping Lab. Three students from CS: Sharon Chu, Bert Scerbo, and Patrick To (undergrad CS) participated in the drumming, dance and Wushu presentation, along with Jessica Zhang (ISE, student of Thurmon Lockhart). We had participation from the Japanese Cultural Association (Taiko drumming) and the Chinese American Society Lion Dance Group. This is in the great tradition of academic research participating with student organizations in the arts to produce an outreach multi-cultural event. The CS department, CHCI, and NSF were acknowledged in the presentation."  See the performance on YouTube.

Dr. Quek hopes that the drummer-game project "will become a featured item in some future technology-art event on campus with the new Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT)."