CS Senior Participates in Linux Orchestra World Tour

Publish Date: 06/02/2011

Andrew Street, a graduating CS senior, was unable to attend his college commencement ceremony because he was on a world tour with the Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra!  According to Andy, the group was formed two years ago, from a diverse group of students with majors in math, biology, political science, and computer science.  The students “embarked on an ambitious journey to explore the evolving field of computer music.  Led by Professor Ivica Ico Bukvic, we founded the Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork) using wiimotes, netbooks, and speakers made in-house.  While the concept of a laptop orchestra wasn’t unheard of (VT was the third university to found one, after Stanford and Princeton), L2Ork aimed to emphasize the performance aspect, with scores actually being played out live using wiimotes like some sort of prototypical conductor’s wand as opposed to furious typing and clicking.  L2Ork also sought out to prove that all of this could be done using commodity hardware, with complete stations costing less than the price of a single station’s speaker in comparative orchestras.”  Andy is pictured, second to the left.

From May 13 through June 1st, L2Ork toured Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Croatia.  

The CSRC was glad to be able to provide travel funding to Andy Street!