Development of Trauma Surgery Simulation Software

Start Date: 12/31/1969
End Date: 12/31/1969

Trauma surgeons and computer scientists will jointly develop software to simulate the trauma room environment using advanced computer graphics and decision algorithms. Trainees would “examine” virtual patients, interact with team members, make decisions, respond to changes, and receive feedback.

This project will determine the feasibility of creating this software. If successful, a more comprehensive project would be initiated to recreate hundreds of situations, personalities, and injury combinations, and thousands of decisions and outcomes. Several levels of difficulty would correspond to the knowledge base of the learner. Higher fidelity virtual environments could be created with cutting edge technology available at Virginia Tech.

Research would determine how computer generated virtual environments compare to current methods of training surgery residents for trauma care.


Grant Institution: Carilion Clinic

Amount: $60,000

People associated with this grant:

Doug Bowman
Dennis Kafura
Francis Quek