Congratulations to CS graduate students Anamary Leal, Chris Poirel, Greg Wilson, Patrick Butler, and Michael Stewart on recent fellowship awards!

Publish Date: 04/16/2010

The Department is proud to announce that it has been a very successful spring for several of our PhD students who received news of fellowship awards from the VT College of Engineering, National Science Foundation, and the Department of Defense. Please join the Department in congratulating our outstanding students on their awards--we are thrilled at their accomplishments!!

Congratulations to Michael Steward who is the recipient of a Virginia Tech College of Engineering Graduate Teaching Fellow. The COE Teaching Fellowship provides a stipend of $25,000 per year, tuition and fees, use of a tablet PC, and $2000 in travel support. The Graduate Teaching Fellowship is aimed at doctoral students preparing for an academic career; it focuses primarily on preparation in instruction, something left out of many doctoral programs in engineering.

Congratulations to Patrick Butler and his advisor Naren Ramakrishnan on receipt of a Department of Defense (DoD) sponsored SMART Fellowship. SMART supports science and engineering reesarch in areas of relevance to DoD. Patrick's research is in the area of data mining for neuroscience. The fellowship award includes an annual stipend of $33,000 and covers tuition, academic fees, health insurance, book allowance, and travel expenses, for the rest of Patrick's PhD program. As part of the fellowship program, Patrick will be working witht he U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center (USATEC) located in Alexandria, VA.

Congratulations to Anamary Leal (Advisor, Doug Bowman), Chris Poirel (Advisor, T.M. Murali), and Greg Wilson (Advisor, Scott McCrickard) all of whom received NSF Fellowships. It is an honor for our department to have three students awarded such a  prestigious NSF Fellowship in a single award period! The NSF Fellowships will provide Anamary, Chris, and Greg, 3 years of support for the PhD study at $30,000 per year plus tuition support.

The Department would also like to recognize Dr. Murali for his effort in helping the students prepare their applications. Recently, the CS Graduate Program Committee took on a goal of helping CS grad students apply for more external fellowship funding. Dr. Murali spearheaded this effort by organizing a mock review panel for all students and their proposals, thus giving them feedback during proposal preparation. Clearly, the effort has paid off!

Again, please join the Department in congratulating these students on their academic acheivements!