Fall 2009 Commencement Reception

Publish Date: 01/14/2010

The Department of Computer Science celebrated 2009 Fall Commencement for approximately twenty-three undergraduates and eighteen graduate students on Thursday, December 17, 2009.  December graduates, their friends and family, and CS faculty and staff attended the CS Commencement Reception.  Dr. Barbara Ryder, CS Department Head, presented to Ramesh Srigiriraju the CS Scholar Award for his outstanding academic record as an undergrad.  See below for pictures of the event. 

Justin Bolling (second from left) with his father and friend.


James Cline (third from left) and family.


John Crawford


Cha Li (second from left) and family


Daniel McFarland (center) family and friends


Mitchell Buyck (second from left) and family


Sarah Reeves and Conley Owens


Ramesh Srigiriraju (third from left) family


Ramesh Srigiriraju and Dr. Barbara Ryder, CS Department Head


Ramesh Srigiriraju and Terry Arthur, academic advisor


Tejinder Judge (second from left), friends and family


 Ramesh Srigiriraju receives the undergrad CS Scholar Award from Dr. Barbara Ryder.