CS Graduate Student Thomas Scogland Awarded 2009 NDSEG Fellowship

Publish Date: 09/17/2009

Thomas Scogland, a Ph.D candidate working with Dr. Wu Feng, has been awarded a prestigious 3 year National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) fellowship through the Department of Defense. Scogland’s recognition as an NDSEG fellow is a significant accomplishment and a great honor for both Scogland and the Computer Science Department. For 2009, Scogland is the sole representative of Virginia Tech and one of only 200 NDSEG recipients across the country.

Scogland states that ”It has been a great honor to receive the NDSEG fellowship and the additional latitude the funding affords me is allowing me to focus my research more toward my thesis and the areas I find important.  It excites me greatly to be able to give greater focus to my work, and more time to the support of my lab.”  Scogland also credits his advisor, Dr. Wu-chun Feng, for making such funding possible. He notes that he could not have gotten to this point without Dr. Feng’s extensive support and assistance.

Through the NDSEG program, the DoD provides a three year portable fellowship awarded to U.S. citizens or nationals. The competition for this prestigious award is highly competitive with fewer than 10% of the applicants receiving awards. The fellowship provides full coverage for tuition and fees at any University as well as an annual stipend.  Since the NDSEG program’s inception 20 years ago, the DoD has awarded approximately 3,000 fellowships to graduate students in engineering and scientific research.

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