Mailtrust's Open Source Roundtable

Date: Tuesday, February 10th at 6:00pm

Location: 755 University City Boulevard

Open source software has enabled many businesses to build and use great software for
an extremely low cost. Even better, software can be changed to fit the needs of
the business (something you can't do with closed software).  Open source
software is not just for small businesses anymore.  Many of the world’s largest companies
rely on open source for critical parts of their business.

Come join us for a round table discussion about how companies like your own use open source software.
It could be for your large business or for the business you are starting in your basement. Any and all types of businesses are welcome, and anything related to open source software is fair game for discussion. Pizza and drinks will be provided.  Please RSVP by emailing

Mailtrust has asked our students to join them for this event.