SC08 Paper on Slashdot and GCN

Publish Date: 12/30/2008

Both Slashdot and the Government Computer News cited a paper presented at Supercomputing'08 by Virginia Tech researchers. The two graduate student authors,  Tom Scogland and G. Narayanaswamy, worked with the faculty author, Wu Feng, to report their findings on performance of multi-core architectures. Feng says that  "the performance of programs running on multicore processors can vary from server to server, and even from core to core. Factors such as which core handles interrupts, or which cache holds the needed data can change from run to run. Such resources tend to be allocated arbitrarily now. As a result, program execution times can vary up to 10 percent. The good news is that the VT researchers are working on a library that will automatically recognize this inefficient behavior and re-map processes to the appropriate cores in a timely fashion."

See: Slashdot reference that contains a like to a PDF file of the paper.

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See: Feng's Synergy Lab site.