Ensemble: Enriching Communities and Collections to Support Education in Computing

Start Date: 09/15/2008
End Date: 08/31/2011

Ensemble adds a computing pathway to the existing set of NSF STEM Digital Libraries (NSDL). The addition ensures that the NSDL pathways provide a more complete coverage of STEM areas. The computing pathway supports the full range of computing education communities, provides a base for the development of programs blending computing with other STEM areas, and produces digital library innovations that are propagated to other NSDL pathways. Since computing communities including computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, information science, information systems and information technology continue to rapidly evolve; the computing pathway greatly aids computing educators in those areas. The computing pathway also addresses diversity, the complex interactions across the computing communities, as well as meeting the future need for increasing the numbers of computer related graduates. Ensemble reaches across the full range of audiences for computing education from K-12 to graduate and professional education.

Ensemble creates a distributed portal providing access to the broad range of existing educational resources while preserving the collections and their associated curation processes. Ensemble encourages contribution, use, reuse, review and evaluation of educational materials at multiple levels of granularity. To accomplish the overall goals, the Ensemble team works directly with relevant professional societies and accreditation agencies to articulate inter-relationships among the computing communities.

Grant Institution: National Science Foundation

Amount: $425,002 to VT of $2M for all partners

People associated with this grant:

Edward Fox