System G - Its Green and Powerful

Publish Date: 12/04/2008

System G was sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Virginia Tech's Center for High-End Computing Systems to provide a research platform for the development of high-performance software tools and applications with extreme efficiency at scale. Pictured in the System G machine room are the leaders of the System G project,  Drs. Srinidhi Varadarajan (right) and Kirk Cameron (left).

System G is "green" because of its unique power-aware capabilities. “We set out to design the fastest supercomputer with advanced power management capabilities such as power-aware CPUs, disks, and memory. Our partnership with Apple ensured the most advanced network of power and thermal sensors ever assembled in this type of machine,” commented Cameron, an expert on green computing. According to Cameron, System G has thousands of power and thermal sensors. As the world’s largest power-aware cluster, System G will allow CHECS researchers to design and develop algorithms and systems software that achieve high-performance with modest power requirements, and to test such systems at unprecedented scale.

“Given our research strengths at the Center for High-End Computing Systems, we were able to partner with Mellanox to create the first supercomputer running over quad data rate (QDR) InfiniBand (40Gbs) interconnect technology. The low latency and high bandwidth characteristics of QDR InfiniBand enable new research in transparent distributed shared memory systems that focus on usability of cluster supercomputers,” said Varadarajan, director of CHECS.

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