Steve Harrison Contributes to Art Museum Project

Publish Date: 11/14/2008

Faculty in the Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts, in collaboration with the university's departments of computer science, music, and theatre arts, have created an exhibition —"Revo-oveR"— for the Taubman Museum of Art. It  premiered on Friday, Nov. 7 at a gala on the eve of the museum's grand opening.

The works within the installation suggest a human interconnectedness and provide a playful interaction between art, design, technology, and the museum visitor. “Revo-oveR” sends virtual entities into constant motion across free-form projection screens. These entities react to the presence of visitors within the installation. It moves and makes sounds as the gestures and voices of the audience are processed by elements of the exhibit’s system. Abstract data and human creative thought come together in a sensory environment that aims to stimulate curiosity and interactivity with the exhibition.

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