CRI: Interfaces For The Embodied Mind

Start Date: 03/01/2006
End Date: 02/01/2009

This project, exploring the concept and human-computer interaction (HCI) implications of the embodied mind, builds a comprehensive environment for HCI that includes vision/graphics/large displays, sound capture, textile, and haptics. The infrastructure aims at servicing 14 projects in five areas of research:

  • Embodiment Awareness and Aware Spaces
  • Expansive High-Resolution Visual Displays
  • Situated Interfaces in Varying Attention Settings
  • Augmentation of Interactive Spaces with Aware Devices and Interfaces
  • Embodied Human Communicative Behavior

The research elements are combined in three integrative exemplar application domains:

  • Interaction around geographical information in collaborative situation rooms,
  • Aware classrooms, and
  • Embodiment awareness technologies to assist Aging in place.

Specific applications, such as aware classroom and aware homes for aging convey technological benefits that in turn might benefit society. Furthermore, the collaboration with minority and undergraduate-serving institutions (Norfolk State and Hollins U), the integration of the project goals with teaching, and the general knowledge dissemination, form a worthwhile outreach program.

Grant Institution: National Science Foundation

Amount: $394,261

People associated with this grant:

Doug Bowman
Deborah Tatar
Francis Quek