Towards Unbounded Display: Developing A Reconfigurable Research Testbed For Large-Scale, High-Resolution Visual Displays

Start Date: 08/01/2004
End Date: 07/01/2009

This project, establishing a unique, university based, very large, high-resolution visual display, aims at building a reconfigurable testbed. The work studies the relationship between various human-computer interface (HCI) scenarios and the effectiveness in areas such as bioinformatics and construction. To enable empirical research, the design of the testbed will be scalable and rapidly reconfigurable. Comparative evaluations of the many variables offered by the testbed will be performed, including the presence or absence of bezels between display tiles, display resolution, display form factor, display size and shape, input devices and interaction techniques, information layout, user location relative to the display, user roles, number of users, and degree of collaboration among users. Domain experts on applied research will serve to validate and extend the general principles obtained from the basic research addressing the following application areas.

  • Classroom-based education,
  • Architecture and building construction,
  • Scientific data visualization,
  • Command-and-control rooms, and
  • the arts.

Expected benefits include the

  • Architecture of the reconfigurable display itself,
  • Experiences with the design,
  • Development and evaluation of high-resolution display methods and collaborative multi-user interaction techniques,
  • Scientific results on the effects of a large number of display and interaction designs, and
  • Applied research results in many domains.

Grant Institution: National Science Foundation

Amount: $230,067

People associated with this grant:

Chris North
Doug Bowman
Roger Ehrich
Steve Harrison