Dryophile Genes To Engineer Stasis-Recovery Of Human Cells

Start Date: 06/01/2006
End Date: 12/01/2008

This project explores new data mining algorithms for analyzing high-throughput studies using the paradigm of "redescriptions". A redescription is a shift-of-vocabulary, or a di fferent way of communicating information about a given subset of data; the goal of redescription mining is to find subsets of data that aff ord multiple descriptions. Today's highthroughput data-driven sciences are drowning in not just the dimensionality of data, but also in the multitude of descriptors available for characterizing data. While traditionally we would custom-build data mining algorithms to work with each of these vocabularies, redescription mining provides a uniform way to characterize and analyze the results from any of them. In addition, it helps bridge diverse experimental methodologies by uniformly relating subsets across the corresponding vocabularies.

Grant Institution: Office of Naval Research

Amount: $78,358

People associated with this grant:

Naren Ramakrishnan