Real-Time Techniques for 3{D} Flow Visualization

TitleReal-Time Techniques for 3{D} Flow Visualization
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsFuhrmann, A. L., E. Gröller, D. Ebert, H. Hagen, and H. Rushmeier
Conference NameIEEE Visualization '98
AbstractVisualization of three-dimensional steady flow has to overcome a lot of problems to be effective. Among them are occlusion of distant details, lack of directional and depth hints and occlusion. In this paper we present methods which address these problems for real-time graphic representations applicable in virtual environments. We use dash tubes, i.e., animated, opacity-mapped streamlines, as visualization icon for 3D-flow visualization. We present a texture mapping technique to keep the level of texture detail along a streamline nearly constant even when the velocity of the flow varies considerably. An algorithm is described which distributes the dash tubes evenly in space. We apply magic lenses and magic boxes as interaction techniques for investigating densely filled areas without overwhelming the observer with visual detail. Implementation details of these methods and their integration in our virtual environment conclude the paper.