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Kamal, T., K. R. Bisset, A. R. Butt, and M. V. Marathe, "Cost Estimation of Parallel Constrained Producer-Consumer Algorithms", 23rd Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing (PDP), Turku, Finland, March 4-6, 2015, pp. 86–93, 2015.
Cheng, Y., A. Gupta, and A. R. Butt, "An in-memory object caching framework with adaptive load balancing", Proceedings of the Tenth European Conference on Computer Systems - EuroSys '15, Bordeaux, France, ACM Press, pp. 1 - 16, 2015.
Liu, F., X. Shu, D. Yao, and A. R. Butt, "Privacy-Preserving Scanning of Big Content for Sensitive Data Exposure with MapReduce", Proceedings of the 5th ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY), San Antonio, TX, USA, March 2-4, 2015, pp. 195–206, 2015.
Li, M., L. Zeng, S. Meng, J. Tan, L. Zhang, A. R. Butt, and N. Fuller, "MRONLINE: MapReduce online performance tuning", the 23rd international symposiumProceedings of the 23rd international symposium on High-performance parallel and distributed computing - HPDC '14, Vancouver, BC, CanadaNew York, New York, USA, ACM Press, pp. 165 - 176, 2014.
R., K. K., S. M. Iqbal, M. M. Rafique, and A. R. Butt, "Towards energy awareness in Hadoop", Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Network-Aware Data Management, {NDM} '14, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, November 16-21, 2014, pp. 16–22, 2014.
R., K. K., A. Anwar, and A. R. Butt, "[phi]Sched: {A} Heterogeneity-Aware Hadoop Workflow Scheduler", IEEE 22nd International Symposium on Modelling, Analysis & Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS 2014), Paris, France, September 9-11, 2014, pp. 255–264, 2014.
R., K. K., S. M. Iqbal, and A. R. Butt, "{VENU:} Orchestrating SSDs in hadoop storage", 2014 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Big Data 2014, Washington, DC, USA, October 27-30, 2014, pp. 207–212, 2014.