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Goncalves*, M. A., E. A. Fox, and L. T. Watson, "Towards a Digital Library Theory: A Formal Digital Library Ontology", International Journal of Digital Libraries, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 91-114, April 2008.
Panning, T. D., L. T. Watson, N. A. Allen, K. C. Chen, C. A. Shaffer, and J. J. Tyson, "Deterministic parallel global parameter estimation for a model of the budding yeast cell cycle", Journal of Global Optimization, vol. 40, no. 4, Hingham, MA, USA, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 719–738, 2008.
Giraud, L., A. Haidar, and L. T. Watson, "Mixed-precision preconditioners in parallel domain decomposition solvers", Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering: Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XVII: U. Langer, M. Discacciati, D. Keyes, O. Widlund, and W. Zulehner (eds.), Springer, Berlin, 2008.