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Luo, Y., and K. W. Cameron, "Instruction-level Characterization of Scientific Computing Applications Using Hardware Performance Counters", Scientific, Engineering and Desktop Workloads of Workload Characterization: Methodology and Case Studies, Los Alamitos, CA, IEEE-CS Press, pp. 90-98, 1999.
Cameron, K. W., and Y. Luo, "Instruction-level Microprocessor Modeling of Scientific Applications", Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1615, New York, NY, Springer Verlag Publishers, pp. 29-41, 1999.
Lubeck, O., A. Hoisie, F. Bassetti, K. W. Cameron, Y. Luo, and H. Wasserman, "ASCI Application Performance and the Impact of Commodity Processor Architectural Trends", Proceedings of the International Workshop on Innovative Architecture for Future Generation High-Performance Processors and Systems, October, 1998.
Y. Luo, O. M. Lubeck, H. Wasserman, F. Bassetti, and K. W. Cameron, "Development and Validation of a Hierarchical Memory Model Incorporating CPU- and Memory-operation Overlap", Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Software and Performance (WOSP '98), pp. 152-163, October, 1998.